The perfect mobile tripod


T3 specs


  • Folded Height: 25 cm

  • Maximum Height: 165 cm

  • Weight: 730 g

  • Maximum Load: 2 kg

  • Phone Holder Minimum Size: 56 mm

  • Phone Holder Maximum Size: 94 mm

  • Maximum Selfie Stick Length: 83 cm

  • Leg Angles: 80º, 50º, 30º



The T3 Portable Tripod is the perfect companion for people that need steady shots on the go. The T3 is compact and light, yet is extendable up to eye height, made from sturdy and durable materials and extremely versatile, perfect for mobile journalism and vloggers. The T3 is suitable for use with smartphones as well as cameras and comes with a detachable phone holder.

Apart from being a trustworthy tripod, the T3 can also be used as a selfie stick by removing the extendable centerpole from the base.



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